[PythonCAD] Landscape printing in PythonCAD

Art Haas ahaas at airmail.net
Wed Jul 6 21:11:55 CEST 2005


Ed Richley had mailed me about printing difficulties he encountered when
trying to print in Landscape mode. He did some debugging and found that
if he slightly edited the generated PostScript file things would print
correctly. Based on the info/patch he sent me, I've changed the
'printing.py' file to apply his fix as well as a number of other small
changes that should, hopefully, resolve the issues he was seeing. The
various changes move a couple of PostScript commands out of what is
called the prologue section of the file and into the the script part.
One fix, incidentally, was to fix the long-standing typo which
terminates the prologue: "%%EndProlog". Previously the code would
say "%%EndPrologue", which is the correct spelling but for some reason
the Adobe people preferred to drop the 'ue' and use the spelling of
the computer language. Maybe the original PostScript authors hated
Prolog and this was their revenge.

Had anyone else had difficulty printing in Landscape mode? If so, could
you post a comment to the list. I can send a small patch that will
alter the 'printing.py' file that should, hopefully, fix things. Or you
can wait until the next release when the fix will be included.

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