[PythonCAD] Converting from DWG

Eric Wilhelm ewilhelm at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jul 24 18:00:27 CEST 2005

# from davec at mail.uklinux.net
# on Sunday 24 July 2005 02:21 am:

>PythonCAD includes python files for handling dwg files.


The dwg code is currently a basic reader implementation of the spec as 
published by the opendesign consortium (can you get a spec from 
AutoDesk? :-)  There are still some files on which the readers crash.  
It needs work both in the stability/correctness and in getting hooked 
to something usable (like a display.)

>Can anyone offer a short tutorial on how to use these to display an
> autocad file?

Once the uber-converter has a dwg2rzp connector, the process would just 
be 'dwg2rzp filename.dwg | rzp2pycad filename.xml.gz' (but this will 
probably be encapsulated within an 'import' menu entry in pythoncad.)

The dxf2rzp connector is rather functional right now, though I've had to 
stop working on it to try to pay the bills.  Chris wrote most of 
rzp2pycad, but I think it is in a fairly complete state too.  Check the 
uber-converter page for more info:


So, as "short tutorials" go, the easiest, cheapest option would be to 
wait for it.  There is a faster easy way that involves writing a check 
(if you have a funded project that needs it on time.)  If you have the 
skill and time and want to write a lot of code, I would be happy to 
coordinate that with you.  While I cannot speak for Art, I think he 
would also be happy to help with either of the latter two options.

> Can one use these to write an AutoCAD file? 

There's a lot to be done before we can output DWG.  DXF output is 
probably going to happen first, since it doesn't require chasing 
reverse-engineered data.

My CAD::Drawing Perl modules also read and write DWG, but because the 
current backend relies on the opendwg library, you'll have to jump 
through some (mail-in) hoops to get that no-cost (non-free) blackbox 
library so I've stopped development of the opendwg backend.

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