[PythonCAD] R25 bug

Art Haas ahaas at airmail.net
Fri Jun 3 16:58:34 CEST 2005

On Sat, Jun 04, 2005 at 12:01:40AM +1200, Wilbert Knol wrote:
> On Sat, 28 May 2005 05:59, Michele Petrazzo wrote:
> > - I draw an object (line, circle, etc..), I select move (one of the
> > three), I select the first point to move, the second and after I select
> > no objects then the program ask me for select an object (I click two
> > times into the canvas). After I re-click for the distance (first and
> > second point), but now I click over the object, and I receive this error:
> Well spotted. I see the same thing here. First time I move an empty selection. 
> All is well. Nothing gets moved (as expected). Now, when I try to move an 
> object, I get the 'list index out of range' error:
> [ ... snip backtrace ... ]

I've duplicated this now. I believe the root of this problem is that the first
selection doesn't return any entities. Today's challenge for me is to
fix this.

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