[PythonCAD] New idea

Lukas Musil gdizzy at gmail.com
Sun May 8 10:13:52 CEST 2005

>On Sat, May 07, 2005 at 09:15:54PM +0200, Lukas Musil wrote:
>> Hi ... I am student in seconmary school industry of building  and need
>> CAD system for Linux or *BSD (Windows flustrating me) . I found
>> www.pythoncad.org . PythonCAD is good , but I need (and not only I)
>> and text on  vertical dimension was also vertical . It would be nice
>> if zooming on mouse wheel. Thanks

>The PythonCAD code is already set up for storing and displaying text at
>an arbitrary angle; the problem was drawing it on the screen. The latest
>GTK+ release (really the Pango library) supports rotating text, but I'm
>not sure if PyGTK does or doesn't. If/When a PyQT/PyKDE front end ever
>emerges then that front end will be able to display rotated text as that
>feature has been available in QT for quite a while.

hmm.. ok

As for zooming on the mouse wheel, I'm guessing you mean that rolling
the wheel in one direction performs a zoom in, and rolling in the other
does a zoom out?

Yes , Zooming on pulldown-menu is not effect (IMHO)

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