[PythonCAD] Sorry about no updates recently

Stuart Brorson sdb at cloud9.net
Wed Nov 9 02:21:01 CET 2005

Hi Art --

I'm glad to hear that you are getting set up again after the tragedy
in New Orleans &  surrounding area!  I haven't done
anything with PythonCAD recently either.  However, I have a few

*  Apropos highlighting:  In light of our recent back and forth about
signal sending and receiving, I have tried to wrap my head around teh
signaling system.  My question is:  when an object is selected and 
highlighted, who should send the signal, and who should receive it?
Also, what's the correct way to send a signal?  If I do:

foo.send('signal_name', bar)

then the object "foo" is emitting the signal, right?  But who is
"bar"?  The intended receiving object?  Or is "bar" the emitter?  Then
what is "foo"?

*  About the layer model:  I would like to fix the key event handling
so that when I type a coordinate pair into PythonCAD, then the pair
ends up in the entry widget at the bottom of the window.  However,
right now, if he layer display widget grabs the key events, then it
opens up its own entry widget and eats the key press events.

I submitted some patches to change this behavior, but they interfered
with the layer display widget.  Therefore, my question is:  What's
your vision for how the layer display widget works, and what is it
supposed to do when a key is pressed?  I'd like to fix this behavior
once and for all . . . .

Please forgive my ignorance!  I am still trying to figure this
out. . . . . .


> Hi.
> The move is finished, but I've been busy trying to get the house in
> order and dealing with other things, so I've not been productive on the
> PythonCAD front lately. :-(
> Art
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