[PythonCAD] PythonCAD on OS X 10.4.3

Art Haas ahaas at airmail.net
Tue Nov 22 21:25:52 CET 2005

On Tue, Nov 22, 2005 at 05:11:59PM +0100, Pierre Vaudrey wrote:
> Art,
> Le 22 nov. 05 ? 02:55, Art Haas a ?crit :
> >The first thing that needs to be done is to adjust all the 'import'
> >statements. They need to look something like one of the following
> >formats ...
> I understand the work to adjust all the 'import' statements. But  
> before I start, I would agree with you on a method of notification of  
> the changes i've made : have you the possibility to let me use a  
> branch in Subversion ? In this case I need somme training because  
> i've used it only for downloading files.

I don't think we need to worry about you working on a branch, as to my
knowledge there is no one else involved in the Cocoa/PyObjC code at this
time. As long as the changes you make are solely within the
PythonCAD/Interface/Cocoa directory, you can simply send me your changes
and I'll apply them. Then, after I apply them, I'll copy my local
subversion repo, the one with your changes, to the public repo, and you
can update your repository by running 'svn update'. 

How about you make some small change to one of the files in the Cocoa
subdirectory, then send me the diff. Lets use the 'ImageDocument.py'
file as our testcase. Just make a small change to it, then run

$ svn diff PythonCAD/Interface/Cocoa/ImageDocument.py > filename

Mail me the diff in 'filename' and I'll apply it, push the change out
to the public repo, then you can do an 'svn update' and we'll see how
smart subversion is when it performs the update.

> Is the work of the second step, work with Interface Builder ?
> I'll have some time in the next days, so you can you can send me  
> information on both steps.

I suspect the second step is going to be just getting a Cocoa window to
pop up on your screen. When all the 'import' statements are correct, and
any various 'import' statements regarding the PyObjC code are fixed,
we'll work on getting a window to appear. After that we'll start working
on getting the entities to draw, working on menus, etc.

I don't know what is involved with the InterfaceBuilder. If I had an
machine running OS X I think I would have been able to keep the Cocoa
front-end working somewhat.

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