[PythonCAD] Greetings and questions about patches!

Art Haas ahaas at airmail.net
Fri Oct 14 18:28:43 CEST 2005

On Fri, Oct 14, 2005 at 11:36:57AM -0400, Stuart Brorson wrote:
> Hi --
> > Having keyboard shortcuts for accessing things could definitely be
> > handy, especially for people familiar with other CAD packages that
> > offered this sort of use. I suspect that adding the mnemonics is
> > mostly a matter of adding underscore characters to the appropriate
> > argument in the gtk.Action instances, but there could be more to do.
> This is indeed what I am doing.  It's not hard. . . .  Expect to
> see it in a day or so. 
> BTW:  What's the best way to submit patches?  I'll probably just post
> a .diff.gz to the list, but is there a better way?  BTW: The diff is
> against release 25.  I tried to grab the latest using subversion, but
> svn wouldn't let me.  Do I need an acct, or is there an anonymous
> login?  (I am new to svn, but have used CVS previously.)
It looks like Apache wasn't running. I've logged in, started Apache, and
things should be working again.

The instructions for getting the code from the repo are on the following


Here's the command for getting the current code ...

$ svn co http://subversion.pythoncad.org:9000/svn/pythoncad/trunk pythoncad

You'll get a 'pythoncad' directory with the code and other stuff. If
things don't work please let me know.

For making diffs, you use 'svn diff'

$ svn diff foo.py

Subversion will create a diff of 'foo.py'. If you're happy with the
diff, you can save the diff like ...

$ svn diff foo.py > foo.diff

... and mail it to me.

> (I typically use "diff -run" from the base directory.  I have put
> comments and stuff into several source files.)

> > > *  I would like to add an "escape key" functionality to each action.
> [ . . . . . snip . . . . . ]
> > 
> > Pressing 'Esc' should do what you propose now. It is a bug if doing so
> > does not return PythonCAD to the 'Enter Command' mode. I'll take a peek
> > at this and see if things are or are not working properly.
> Actually, it didn't work on my machine.  However, I got it working.
> For some reason, this line was commented out in the class definition 
> (__init__) for GTKImage:
>         self.__window.connect("event", window_general_event, self)
> Therefore, key_press events were getting lost.  (The __da window was
> not receiving them, I don't know why.)  Perhaps this was due
> to some debug activity?  Or was this an attempt to squish another bug.
Off the top of my head I'm not sure ... :-/

> > I think your ideas all sound great, and I'm open to nearly anything that
> > makes PythonCAD a better program.
> Thanks!  Expect to see some patches and other stuff over the next few
> days!


Art Haas
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