[PythonCAD] Greetings and questions about patches!

John Griessen john_g at cibolo.com
Sat Oct 15 00:13:14 CEST 2005

Hey, that's great Stuart,

I use gschem and PCB and gattrib.  Thanks for helping to make a free open
mechanical drafting program that works along the lines circuit designers
think...   with scriptability and productivity, and a data model that is
movable groups instead of a pile of disconnected data straws like QCad creates
in a DXF haystack.


John Griessen

PS  Cadvas is python and has a few decent features.  Some of the graphical
geometry constructions it does are good to just look at, even if you start
coding a completely different way...

Stuart Brorson wrote:
I suspect that adding the mnemonics is
>>mostly a matter of adding underscore characters to the appropriate
>>argument in the gtk.Action instances, but there could be more to do.
> This is indeed what I am doing.  It's not hard. . . .  Expect to
> see it in a day or so. 

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