[PythonCAD] DXF python library

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 18:13:17 CEST 2005

# from Rafael Villar Burke
# on Monday 19 September 2005 03:19 am:

>I've just seen a python library to generate DXF files and it could be
>useful for PythonCAD.
>General information and a link to the home page is here:

Nice.  I haven't made it as far as dxf write support with the 
uber-converter, so this may be useful.  If anyone wants to pitch in, 
feel free to contact me.  Read support for pythoncad files is already 
there, so if you're itching to export to dxf you just need to write 
rzp2dxf.  This should be fairly painless, since rhizopod is mostly a 	
sane view of dxf.


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