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Yagnesh Desai ynd at lntenc.com
Mon Dec 18 05:14:24 CET 2006


>That is a plan. I've run this program, autocad, casmate, beta pagemaker
>with rotating line input formats and another auto design prog. I know
>it's possible and the steps following acceptance of deliverables is
>crucial to answering your question.

My english is inferior club it with the lack of software orientation
and I am not able to make out "the steps following acceptance of
is crucial to answering your question" but you said its
possible thats great.
By the way I have used IDEAS, SolidEdge, AutoCAD and Microstation.
the easy availability of skilled people AutoCAD is a norm in CADROOM in our

>Tooling is another challenge that will likely take form outside
>pythoncad but fits with its goals. What if you have a program that makes
>tool call outs, for example, and run cnc? I've asked Art Haas about this
>-- no response.

I have seen ProE do this very efficiently.

>I'm in the engine block, dimensioning & tolerances and rocket science
>group. We are open source.

I am with plant design and as said mainly work on AutoCAD. I new
earlier CADrooms were mainly unix and now they are MsWindows, I wonder
what your desktop would look like. (what all open source is installed
on it)

>>There are basic functions available in it while I miss the Snapping
>>part a lot.
>Do you mean snap to a straight line or bezier curve? When crafting lines
>in the operating environment I believe line and curve are two actions
>following generation of a routine. Its job is to accept input, plot and
>report x and y where you're shaping or cutting.

By Sanpping part (my english adds part to snapping) I ment snapping my
pointer to the "Intersection, Midopint, Endpoint, Perpendicular . . ."
as used in AutoCAD.

>I'm in the West. Oregon, USA. Are you from the Middle East or India, sir?

I am from Gujarat, India and will be moving to Middle East next year.

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