[PythonCAD] Goals for next release

Art Haas ahaas at airmail.net
Mon Feb 6 21:41:19 CET 2006


I hope that people using the latest release are finding things working
well for them. There are still a few missing features in PythonCAD,
notably hatching, but overall things are nearing a point where most of
the basic everyday feature in a CAD package are present. I wish that we
were at this point a year ago, if not sooner, but that was not meant to

For the next release I want to clean up some older unused code, and I've
started doing that by removing the old entity moving routines and
various other old routines I find in both the interface and core program
components. I'm planning to rework the code that handles transferring
entities from one layer to another as, like the entity moving code, the
program offers newer routines that can simplify as well as improve this
feature. After that I'm not sure what will be next in line.

I'd like to try and get back to making at least one release a month, so
I'll tentatively plan the next release for early March.

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