[PythonCAD] Moving objects breaks dimensions

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Sat Feb 11 00:58:29 CET 2006

# from Art Haas
# on Friday 10 February 2006 09:48 am:

>> Test driving this revision (as well as previous revisions) I find
>> that moving objects that have dimensions attached to them doesn't
>> work properly. The end points of the dimension line get moved, along
>> with the object (a rectangle) but the center of the dim. line along
>> with the value stays behind.
>This behavior is by design, but it may not be what is expected. Moving
> a dimension is really just moving the dimension text DimString
> entities, so things have been coded so that moving the points in some
> entity does not automagically move the DimStrings of associated
> dimensions. It could be time to reassess this decision ...

fwiw, autocad doesn't try to make any association between dimensions and 
entities.  If you want to move an entity and related dimensions, you 
just select them all together.  That's not so handy when you're 
changing the endpoint of an entity, but I haven't noticed this as a 
major stumbling block.

If the design is such that dimensions are going to be relational, it 
might be worth considering storing the placement as a relative value 
(possibly even keeping the axial coordinate (e.g. "local x") as a 
percentage of length on linear dimensions) so that it can better follow 
along with changes to the entity.

Consumers want choice, consumers want openness.
--Rob Glaser

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