[PythonCAD] dimensions don't show up?

Russ Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Sat Jun 3 07:47:33 CEST 2006

Art Haas writes:
 > 'Modify' -> 'Change' -> 'Dimension' -> 'Primary Dim String' -> 'Size'

Ahhhhh, yes, that fixes it.

But I just discovered a few bugs.  First one is that File->New is not
undoable.  Why shouldn't it be?  That's a better paradigm than to ask
"Are you sure?"  Because nearly always the person will be SURE they're
sure, and five seconds later change their confidence vanishes.

Second bug is related to line drawing.

Draw -> Basic -> Segment
Click on two points to form a line segment.
Click on a new point (just one, leaving a rubberbanding line).
Click Edit -> Undo.
Leaves a line drawn on the screen.

Third bug (probably related to the second):

Draw -> Basic -> Point
Click twice to create two points.
Draw -> Basic -> Segment
Click on each of those two points to create a line segment between
Click on a new point (just one, leaving a rubberbanding line).
Edit -> Undo
Rubberbanding stops erasing.
When you do the second click, the screen is redrawn.

First bug is pretty serious because it can result in loss of data.
Second and Third bugs are merely drawing artifacts.  Maybe don't need

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