[PythonCAD] rotating objects?

Russ Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Tue Jun 6 00:23:55 CEST 2006

Art Haas writes:
 > to place the parallel line. Use a similar procedure for creating
 > horizontal lines 13.55mm across. You then go to 'Draw'->'Segment' and
 > draw segments on the box defined by the construction lines.

Hrm.  Okay, I can make four angled construction lines, however there
are only three intersections.  How do I define a point to snap to at
the fourth intersection?

Slowly .... I'm figuring out how to use this program.  It begs for a

If I have something selected, and then choose Modify/Delete, shouldn't
that delete the selected things?

Shouldn't the scroll wheel zoom in and out on the thing you're
pointing at?

If I select four points and the four segments connecting them, and
then Edit/Copy, shouldn't Edit/Paste insert four points and segments?
I'm only getting one point inserted.

 > The use of construction lines is how PythonCAD is designed to create
 > drawings.

Indeed!  They're practically a requirement.

 > No, I haven't. Python offered an XML parsing module making the format
 > easy to deal with, and when I started this project it fit the bill.

Maybe better for me to add the features I want within PythonCAD
.... like rotate.

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