[PythonCAD] in the interest of not multiplying entities

Russ Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Tue Jun 6 04:11:20 CEST 2006

I'm noticing that code in gtkmenus.py which looks like this:

def select_all_circles_cb(menuitem, gtkimage):
    _active_layer = gtkimage.getActiveLayer()
    for _circle in _active_layer.getLayerEntities("circle"):

and is later used like this:

    _act.connect('activate', select_all_circles_cb, gtkimage)

could actually look like this:

def select_all_entities_cb(menuitem, gn):
    gtkimage, name = gn
    _active_layer = gtkimage.getActiveLayer()
    for _point in _active_layer.getLayerEntities(name):

and be called like this:

    _act.connect('activate', select_all_entities_cb, (gtkimage,"circle"))

Of course, that changce, once made, begs to be integrated with the
patch I sent earlier, so that there's one structure that looks like
    select_all_menu = [
        ('SelectAllPoints', 'point', '_Points'),
        ('SelectAllSegments','segment', '_Segments'),
        ('SelectAllCircles','circle', '_Circles'),
        ('SelectAllArcs','arc', '_Arcs'),
        ('SelectAllLeaders','leader', '_Leaders'),
        ('SelectAllPolylines','polyline', '_Polylines'),
        ('SelectAllChamfers','chamfer', '_Cha_mfers'),
        ('SelectAllFillets','fillet', '_Fillets'),
        ('SelectAllHCLines','hcline', '_HCLines'),
        .... ]

and a loop like this:

    for gtkimage, objname, menuitem in select_all_menu:
      if gtkimage is None:
	_item = gtk.SeparatorMenuItem()
	_act = gtk.Action(gtkimage, menuitem, None, None)
	_act.connect('activate', select_all_thingies_cb, (gtkimage,objname))

Happy to bang out a patch if it's to your liking.

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