[PythonCAD] Status update for next release

Art Haas ahaas at airmail.net
Tue Nov 21 22:03:33 CET 2006


Last month I was hoping to make a release in the middle of this month,
and as everyone knows that didn't happen. I thought I'd have more time
in the beginning of the month to wrap up the changes I want to make, but
that turned out not the be the case. I found out that getting married
and hosting the reception takes quite a bit more time than just showing
up. :-)

So, now that the big event is behind me I'll have more time to dedicate
to finally making the next release. When the release rolls out I also
want to make the changes to the website that some/many/most of you
on the list have heard about and possibly seen. My target now is early
December as the middle of the month is when my wife and I take our
honeymoon, but if the release slips to after we return than that is
what happens.

Plans for what to do after this release are up in the air, but I do
know I'm going to switch from hosting the code in Subversion to
a decentralized SCM. The new SCM will almost certainly be Git, the
SCM used for the Linux kernel and many other packages, but there is
still a chance I could move to Mercurial. I'm much more comfortable
with Git, though.

Art Haas
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