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Tecgº Sérgio A. Bizello bizello at fec.unicamp.br
Thu Nov 30 16:26:42 CET 2006


First, sorry my english if you won´t understand any word or sentence.

During years I´ve worked with AutoCAD for AEC (architecture, enginering and construction) on Windows. I think to be a advanced AutoCAD user. I do 2D and 3D drawings, I have some actions stored in macros that I´ve created too.

I´ve used others programs open source as OpenOffice, Gimp and Blender, but I´m not so advanced as AutoCAD. So I liked a lot this programs becouse they are good programs as the Microsot, Photoshop and Max.
I know, it´s hard to change and currently I´ve started on Linux and researched about open source / free cad programs and found Pythoncad.

I´ve been very happy becouse for me, due Python to be a interpretative language something writen in Python can work on Linux as Windows. Aswer me if I'm correct to tell this.
Then I´ve downloaded PythonCAD, Python and the programs required (GTK, etc..) but I didn´t do Pythoncad work.

How can I do Pythoncad work? Can you help me or send my ask to right place?

So, that´s all at moment. Sorry again if this subjetc is not correct and redirect me for a right place.

Sérgio Adriano Bizello
Tecgo. Edificações - Matric. 25302-2
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