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Eric Wilhelm-2 wrote:
> # from Art Haas
> # on Thursday 03 August 2006 01:25 pm:
>>I'd like to be able to support the AC1018 format, but I don't have a
>>timeline as to when that will happen. My work over the last couple of
>>months has been concentrated on improving the GUI responsiveness,
>> fixing bugs, and adding an occasional new feature. I regret that
>> still the code needed for directly importing older DWG/DXF files is
>> not written as well as the lack of code for newer version of these
>> files.
> We had a start on implementing DXF -> pythoncad conversion in 
> vectorsection.  The trouble with DWG is that it is as convoluted as DXF 
> but also in a very bit-juggly binary format (e.g. some values take 2-3 
> bits and various other not-8 widths.)  The first issue makes it 
> difficult because of the conceptual mapping of entities.  The second is 
> just really hard to code and debug.
> It's difficult, but not impossible.  If anyone is interested in working 
> on it, I'm more than happy to help you get started.  The first goal for 
> vectorsection would be a standalone dxf<->pythoncad conversion.  From 
> there, we would handle dwg<->pythoncad (where the conceptual mapping 
> stuff would be done and we would basically only need a working DWG 
> class to drop-in as a replacement for the DXF stuff.)  After that, 
> pythoncad could use the standalone converters directly or steal some 
> code.
> hi Eric,
> i am the one interested in helping with the implementing DXF -> pythoncad
> conversion in 
> vectorsection.
> i am an absolute begginer in python, i used to program in pascal many
> years ago and i belive i can still do something. 
> i will need some time to get used with python and the pythoncad projetc,
> but i have the time.
> I'm not sure if i am in the mailing list, am i? please let me know.
> best regards
> Marco Alicera
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