[PythonCAD] How to manage layer handles in DWG15.py?

Alvaro Zabala azabala at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 14:13:56 CET 2007


I have a question about how to manage layer handles for DWG files:

In DWG class we can find all DWG drawing entities in objects array.

First of all, I iterate on this objects array to find dwg layer objects.

After that, I iterate along all the objects array, and for each dwgEntity
instance, I call getLayer() method.

This method returns the layer handle. The problem that I found is that
sometimes this layer handle doesnt match with the handle of any layer
recovered in the first iteration.

In the DWG specification, we can read (section HANDLE REFERENCES):

If handle code is 0x6, you must take the handle of the next dwg object,
If handle code is 0x8, you must take the handle of the previous dwg object.

Where can I found some sample code? (Im trying to do this with java, for a
pythoncad dwg code port).

Thanks in advance!

Alvaro Zabala Ordóñez

Teléfono: 954939528
Plaza de España, sector II.
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