[PythonCAD] Added a bunch of stuff to the PythonCAD wiki

Glenn Meader glenn at chromakinetics.com
Thu Mar 1 01:52:26 CET 2007

I added a bunch of stuff to the PythonCAD wiki:
*	Lots of feature requests.
*	Installation info for Windows
*	Added a couple of commands to the command reference. 
*	Added the Webpage FAQ to the Wiki FAQ
*	Added a feature list.
*	Added the File format reference from the website to the wiki.
Some expert needs to add some real examples of actually using these
commands. I can't figure out how to enter a command at the command line
(like rect) and give the parameters properly. Exactly what do you type?
Also I am having a lot of trouble with selecting things and then moving them
or changing them. I can't reliably tell what's selected. How do I unselect
things? Could you write a brief tutorial on how selection is supposed to
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