[PythonCAD] Code for architectural style dimensions

Glenn Meader glenn at chromakinetics.com
Wed Mar 7 22:33:22 CET 2007

I wrote a Python function/method that returns a string that is an
"Architectural" style dimension (feet, inches and fractions) given a decimal
feet dimension numeric value. 
Do you want this code?
I'm a novice Python programmer, so I don't feel confident adding stuff into
PythonCAD myself. 
I'd like to add this to the choices for displaying dimensions "dimstr".
I looked at the code for "units" to see if I could figure out what to do
there, but so far I don't get it.
I would still have to learn the details of how to create a patch as well.
Where should I look to learn how to create a patch and submit it to you?
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