[PythonCAD] Post R36 plans

Art Haas ahaas at airmail.net
Thu May 24 20:59:27 CEST 2007


I made the thirty-sixth release about two weeks ago, then picked up some
contract work which kept me busy. I'd meant to mail the list sooner with
a post-release note.

It took far too long between the thirty-fifth and thirty-sixth release,
and I'd like to avoid that happening again. There were a couple of
months where I got nothing accomplished, and I had a stretch of time
doing contract work which kept me busy but not with PythonCAD. It is
clear to me that more developers are needed to keep the project moving
at a decent pace and avoid long delays between releases. This note,
then, can be considered somewhat a 'call-for-help' note as well as a
'call-for-suggestions' as to what I can do to help encourage more people
to regularly contribute to PythonCAD development.

One thing I want to do, and I've said it before, is to replace the
centralized Subversion repository with a distributed SCM. I'm 99.999%
certain it will be git, as I use git for building the Linux kernel and
retrieving code from a variety of projects. One drawback to git is there
is not a native Windows client right now. Aside from the recent work
done to store the preferences in the APPDATA directory common to other
Windows programs I hear next to nothing from Windows users and don't
regularly get patches from them so I'm guessing they get PythonCAD via
the tarball releases and not Subversion.

Switching to a distributed SCM will hopefully encourage more developers
to invest some time with PythonCAD as their local copy of the tree will
be entirely theirs to play with - commit, delete, modify, etc. The
current centralized model requires people to send me patches, wait for
me to commit them, and then push my tree out. While I feel that this
model has worked well enough at the start of the project, it is time to
change and the availability of distributed open-source SCM packages
like git make a transition possible. I'll e-mail the list more info
regarding my plans and efforts shortly.

Please feel free to add your comments about what can be done to help
bring more developers into PythonCAD.

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