[PythonCAD] Post R36 and SCM

Daron Rogers daron at theswamp.org
Fri May 25 14:30:18 CEST 2007

I have had an interest in helping program PCad, but am still quite a
newbie when it comes to programming classes and GTK. Also, time is a
constraint. Work does tend to get in the way. As for SCM, I agree with the
others. No need to change from SVN. As for how to go about attracting more
programmers, how about a list of needs for the program and then delegate
them out. Of course, to know what's needed one might need to have
suggestions, right? How's hatching coming? Block objects would be good. Of
course, you'd need to have a way to explode objects. Then as well, mutable
block objects would be even better than the static ones or even the new
dynamic blocks from autocad. How about more object relatability? This
would be similar to how parametric programs use objects, like walls. As I
understand it this alleviates the need for more complex layering systems.
Well, there are a few suggestions for further development.


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