[PythonCAD] Website needs to move - host machine going offline

Thomas Fritz fritzlists at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 22:31:15 CET 2008

José Antonio Martín Prieto wrote:
>> I'd like to thank everyone for their offers to host the site as
>> it is nice to see that there is still interest in PythonCAD.
> Unfortunately, I think that this interest does not have much effect in
> the development of PythonCAD. Now that Art is quite busy, this
> development is slower than before.
> I think that we should find a way that more people could help in the
> development of pythoncad.
> IMHO, the first step is trying to get a comprehensive documentation of
> the program architecture. One advantage of python is that it's very
> 'high level' and has a very extensive documentation. This helps
> amateur programmers to contribute to pythoncad.
> Regards,
> José Antonio Martín.
I could probably do that, as I've completely dissected Art's code -
but there are some things about his approach that make me believe that
PythonCAD will remain a one-man project.

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