[PythonCAD] offset

nd ndsign at yandex.ru
Thu Oct 23 13:50:37 CEST 2008

hi, all
i am mostly cad user
and newbie to pythoncad but i very like it i think this oss cad is going right way.
i want help to project with anything i can. I have a question is pythoncad can command like offset in acad? i did not find any in http://www.pythoncad.org/commands.html this list.
1. Can somebody provide example of some new command howto. it will be very helpfull to start code something.
2. How you(developers) working? for example i have one copy of program in some /usr/local/bin and have one git copy in ~/src/pythoncad 
how you do this...
3. some commands do not work for me... zoomf, zoomi, zoomo, sas
how could i saw what is going wrong to fix this

thank you
I am not good speeking english so sorry.

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