[PythonCAD] R: New Testing Version

euro_ii at libero.it euro_ii at libero.it
Thu Jun 11 14:49:23 CEST 2009

Hi Getwin,
I'm very happy for your Mail..I's very nyce to see day by day 
people interested in pythoncad...

I Hope we can works together to go on with 
pythoncad development.

>Are you the new maintainer of PythonCAD?
Actually Art 
Hass  is very busy and he can't go on with the development, so I'll be the main 
mantainer, since Art will be back.

>The keyword 'as' is used as a parameter, 
after changing this it work  
I know this problem and i have already fix 
it in my local version....The problem came from python that starting from 
version 2.6(not sure) use the "as" as reserved word 

>Do you have any idea how 
to improve this?
I know this problem and i'm working on it ... hope to fix it 
as soon i can.

>Do you have any plans to maintain the os x cocoa front end 
beside the  
>gtk front end?
No Plan at the moment
If you wish to mantain this 
part of the code .. you are welcome .


>Da: gertwin.groen at gmail.com
>Data: 10/06/2009 22.42
<pythoncad at python.org>
>Ogg: [PythonCAD] New Testing Version
>Hi Matteo,

>Nice to see a new test version of PythonCAD.

>When using this new version 
on ubuntu 9.04 an error is in layer.py at  
>line 477.
>I tried the new 
snap functionality, it works well.
>However i think PythonCAD need display 
performance improvements.
>It looks like the whole scene is redrawn on mouse 
movements when  


>Maybe i can assist you with that, i have also 
access to a MacBook.

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