[PythonCAD] wiki Pythoncad menu Reference

euro_ii at libero.it euro_ii at libero.it
Thu Nov 26 06:48:27 CET 2009

Hi All,

I made some video on you tube and create a pythoncad channel, for the 
people that want to learn pythoncad or are interested in it.

If someone want 
to go on with the creation of videos, I will give the youtube pws for the 
pythoncad channel for uploading the videos, or just forward the video to me, I 
will provide to upload it as soon is possible.

If you go on the pythoncadwiki, 
under Commands_reference » menu_reference » fillettwoline there is an exsample 
on  how i have integrated the documentation with the video.

The guideline 
could be:
1) short description of the command
2) short description of all the 
option avaiable
3) Video linked from you tube that show the functionality 
(around 2 minutes).


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