[PythonCAD] URGENT: Pythoncad's new home at Sourceforge needs gr8 attention.

Yagnesh Desai yndesai at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 11:02:49 CET 2010

Dear Matteo;

Following needs your URGENT attention:

If a visitor visits pythoncad page on sourceforge.net
he has a link to download :

I downloaded this file and to my surprise it is impossible
to start pythoncad with available files in this zip. It does not
even includes the readme & install files or the gtkpycad.py.

I suggest we need not ask people to install the pythoncad
we must give a download ZIP which contains a folder
which can be exploded to desktop  as a file and a folder.
New user should be able to start pythoncad just by running only
file in that folder.

I believe that none of 160 downloads per day is resulting
in a satisfactory trial by user. Which means more and more
users are getting first impression that pythoncad is not

- - - - -
Best regards

Yagnesh Desai
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