[PythonCAD] Help with install please

Matteo Boscolo matteo.boscolo at boscolini.eu
Tue Nov 2 20:41:35 CET 2010

  Hi Llewellyn ,
the last version of pythoncad is R38 completely rewritten using the pyqt 
framework and sympy.
I think that you mast use some shell command to install the last release 
on linux .
have a look at the wiki for more information at the following link:

If you have a m$ platform you can try PythonCAD in an easy way using the 

Unfortunately I can't help you on linux distributions different from 
Ubuntu debian.
the step to follow for installing PythonCAD on linux are:
install python2.6
install pyqt
install sympy
download from git the last source file
exec python pythoncad_qt.py under PythonCAD folder

let me know if you can mange it
we are here to support you ..


Il 02/11/2010 08:46, Llewellyn Lee ha scritto:
> Hello Team,
> 			I long ago down loaded an early ersion of Python cad.
> It did not work so I left it and watched the teams progress with it.
> 	I am now ready to try re install.
> I would have much prefered to have used Yast to install it.
> Today I down loaded  PythonCAD-DS1.tar.gz and unpacked it into a folder on my
> desktop called CAD. This is a temporary place and I will move it to where you
> recomend.
> 	Please see below details of my system and advise me best way to install
> Python cad keeping in mind that I am fairly stupid. I am very ignorant when
> it comes to comand line  work.
> I did print the README file and checked with yast to find that I have
> Python-GTK version 2.12.1-18.1.
> My system processor is an intel celeron430 at 1.8 Ghz
> I have 1GB of ram free memory
> I have 198GB of free space on hard drive.
> My computer is a standalone desktop (no network)
> I am running opensuse 11.00 (I586)
> My graphic desktop is KDE 3.5.10 release 55
> I elected not to install later versions of the KDE desktop eg KDE4 because
> other people who use it have trouble.
> I am very much a gui user and would like to end up with a pythoncad icon on my
> desktop.
> Regards
> Llewellyn Lee
> my email adress has two styles
> llewellyn.lee at mtnloaded.co.za or 0834786881 at mtnloaded.co.za

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