[PythonCE] MIPSRel progress

Samuel S Chessman chessman@tux.org
Fri, 19 Apr 2002 09:29:39 -0400 (EDT)

I have compiled the python2.2 wince sources supplied by Brad Clements
with evc3.0 for MIPSRel and they seem to work on my Cassiopeia E125.

Right now I am troubleshooting pywin32 for Pocket PC as it seems to be
missing SIPINFO and SipGetInfo(), SHMENUBARINFO and SHCreateMenuBad(),
and SHINITDLGINFO and SHInitDialog().  I am working with the win32all-146
release, which is different than the one Brad uses if I remember correctly.

Is anyone aware if the missing ce support mentioned above has been wrapped
with SWIG previously?  The pcceshell.py script assumes this has been done.

In any event, when I get something ready, I will post a zip file like
Brad did for StrongArm, there must be people interested in a MIPS Pocket PC

It would be a good thing if the changes make their way into the main tree.
What is the status of the acceptance of wince changes into 2.2+?

Certainly the changes to pywin32 would be of interest to someone.  It looks
like wince support is partially available, just needs more porting.

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