[PythonCE] Updated pyceMIPS available

Samuel S Chessman chessman@tux.org
Thu, 25 Apr 2002 11:20:01 -0400 (EDT)

Thanks to Brad Clements, I have updated the python ce MIPS zipfile on
tux.org to support the pcceshell.py provided with the stongARM zip.
The previous version of pcceshell.py was just ceshell.py, which worked
after a fashion, with no support for Pocket PC specific screens.

This means the display handles resizing for the soft input panel, and
the top lines are now visable in the shell application.

To update a previous download of PPCPythonR2MIPS.zip, fetch win32gui.pyd,
pcceshell.py and PyWinTypes22.dll from tux.org:/pub/tux/pyce and replace
the old versions of these files on your Pocket PC.

PyWinTypes22.dll goes in /Windows/
win32gui.pyd goes in /Program Files/Python
pccesshell.py goes in /Program Files/Python/Lib

PPCPythonR2MIPS.zip has been renamed to PPCPythonR2MIPS-0.zip and will
be purged in May.

A new zipfile with the updates included is available at

Please be aware that this is not supported in any way by anyone
including me, and you're on your own.  (YOYO).

This is based on the python2.2 wince sources and ZIPfile supplied by
Brad Clements and is installed in the same way.  See the release notes at

Note that PyWin32 used in this zip file is from version win32all-146
and may not be the same as the strongarm version.

This works for me on my Cassiopeia E125.  More extensive testing is planned.
Various shortcomings with the shell application have been noted.
For example, raw_input is not enabled in pcceshell.py; read the yahoo
archives for more about this.

Thanks to Brad for making the win32gui.i source changes available.
If anyone has success with this, please post to the list.

Sam Chessman

   Sam Chessman                                         chessman (a) tux.org
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