[PythonCE] Immediate need for a WinCE developer

Bob Ippolito bob@redivi.com
Fri, 2 Aug 2002 08:25:21 -0400

I'm not quite sure if this is against list rules.. but.

I have an immediate need for a WinCE developer for a project on the 
Symbol PDA platform.  I need someone versed with TCP/IP (currently we're 
using an XML socket protocol, compatible with Macromedia Flash.  The PDA 
will be equipped with 802.11b.), GUI development, and capable of using 
the Symbol SDK for barcode input.  The server component is in Python, 
the WinCE component can be developed in anything so long as it works 
well.  Ideally the developer would be available to temporarily (or more 
permanently, if things work out particularly well) relocate to New York, 
NY (lower manhattan).  I'm also open to outsourcing to a small company, 
but would prefer bringing a developer to work in-house for the term of 
the project.

If anyone is interested and available, e-mail me a copy of your 
cv/resume and preferably some examples of previously developed WinCE 


Bob Ippolito