[PythonCE] PythonCE22 for HPC (ARM, MIPS)

Telion telionce@yahoo.com
Sat, 31 Aug 2002 11:42:40 -0700 (PDT)

--- Shazear Zmei <shazear@hotmail.com> wrote:
> So... along with this idea... How 'bout for SH3?

SH3 machine is usually based on CE2.11 or before.
Current source code must be modifyed a little
because some c functions are missing in 2.11 library.

I started to work on that last year, then put it aside
as I was bit too busy with otheer things.
It should be not so difficult since you may be able to
these missing functions from Rainer's CElib source
or elsewhere. (Beaware of Licensing matter though)

> I've got a Jornada running Pocket PC 2000.  I'd love
> to get Python runnin on 
> that.  Are there any notes on how to build Python
> 2.2 for my Jornada?  
> Source code to build from, build engine... etc.
> Alex Bender

Please take a look at this file.


Note: I found much better way for project setting.
(I should have done this long before. But I don't read
manuals or help files a lot, and I paid the price.)
Rather than setting Include directory in each project,
I should have set it from Tool/Option/ dialog.
The directory path coresponding following source tree;
are needed in that order, as far as I've tested.

You may need this;
  Pywin32/win32/src (or something like that)
for building win32 modules.

Also, In General Tab of project setting,
put something like 'ARMRel' for the intermediate
and 'C:\CVS\Python\dist\src\CEBuild' for the output.

This will consolidate all output files(exe, dll, pyd,
lib, etc)
in one directory.

Modify Tool/option dialog for Linker directory 
as you may have done for the Include files,
adding 'C:\CVS\Python\dist\src\CEBuild' or something
you have specified in the General tab of each project.

Also, I would make for the Release build from the
If you want to use debugger, just include symbol
in the release build by changing project setting.

I have uploaded some of modified source files I used
for my build.

It's in the source file directory. 

You can download source file distribution from Source
or from CVS via WinCVS (I use this method),
or from Brad's site (Ask Brad for the URL of latest

Replace these sources with the one from my web pages,
and try to build.
Let me know if you get error on some module/header
I'll upload corresponding source files.

Using WinCVS is probably the best way since you may
update your source tree, check the diff with other
merge your source modification and latest revision,
Then, we have to exchange only small amount of pathed
files for building.
Eventually all patches for CE may be included in the
main CVS.
Until then, I can live with this method without much

Anyway, since I'm no expert in this, let me know
if you find any mistake in what I'm doing or better
way to build.

- telionce@yahoo.com -

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