[PythonCE] Did I say that

mike@compu-mentor.net mike@compu-mentor.net
Tue, 10 Dec 2002 10:45:43 -0000


think you replied to my personal ad!
Yes I do get a lot of responses but you got me curious I haven't done this
in a while so please forgive my nervousness. And I hope your still around,
(the good people always get taken fast) Anyway since I know a "little" about
you :) (that was cute by the way), you should take a look at me so that you
can decide if we match.
I'm not sure exactly what ad you replied to, I have a couple, but I do
have a detailed profile with a picture at http://www.hot.ee/vipsingles
Well...If you're not interested any more, that's ok too....
Have a great night.

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