[Pythonce] PythonCE mailing list has moved

Jeff Bauer jbauer@rubic.com
Fri, 15 Feb 2002 08:53:23 -0600

Hi all.

Finally some relief from Yahoo popup ads:


The PythonCE mailing list was originally
started a few years ago on egroups.com,
which was subsequently acquired by Yahoo.
Since then several list members have complained
about Yahoo's aggressive advertising.  As
promised last month, I have looked into moving
the list to a new home.

Barry Warsaw of Zope PythonLabs (and author
of Mailmain) was kind enough to start a new
PythonCE mailing list on python.org. <applause>

To limit undesired attachments, I've set the
maximum length of the message body to 20Kb.  If
anyone finds this limit onerous, please email
me privately.  As always, we encourage list
participants to turn html formatting OFF.

We are not automatically transferring Yahoo
list members to the new list.  You should
first unsubscribe from the Yahoo list:


and then join the new PythonCE list:


Archives for old messages will continue to be 
available on the Yahoo list, but I *strongly*
encourage all new messages to be posted on the 
Mailman list.

Jeff Bauer
Rubicon Research