[PythonCE] MIPS ?

Brad Clements bkc@murkworks.com
Wed, 31 Jul 2002 14:06:56 -0400

On 31 Jul 2002 at 13:54, phillipp@pulsedata.com wrote:

> Maybe this is just me being clueless, but AFAIK the source code for Python
> 2.2 on www.python.org won't compile on CE. Or is it just the version of the
> dev tools that I'm using? I'm using eMbedded Visual C++ 3.0 and targetting
> CE 2.11 (2.12?) on MIPS (+ emulator).

CE 2.11 doesn't have a CRTL like CE 3.0 does.

The ARM port of Python 2.2 is using the CRTL in CE 3.0

Mark's older port included it's own CRTL, but I think the source notes indicate that 
some work is needed on the CRTL to fix problems.

So .. even though you can use EVT to compile for 2.11, you still have a lot more work 
to add CRTL emulation to the build.

>     Does the Python 2.2 source code on www.python.org compile under the
>     latest CE 
> development tools?

Yes, that's how I did the ARM release.

>     Does anybody have a port of Python 2.2 to CE 2.11 (that is, one that
>     compiles 
> under eVC 3.0)?


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