[PythonCE] How to start a script?

gollem gollem@chatway.nl
Fri, 14 Jun 2002 11:49:46 -0700 (PDT)

Chet, tanks for the reply. I'm not sure if one of the 
programs I have installed makes it impossible to access 
the run command or if it's because it's Pocketpc 2000.

I have found a way to run scripts though.
If you install pockettweak you can associate filetypes 
with applications. I have associated .py with python.

Python does not like paths like "My Documents\python",
I don't know if that's because of the length or the fact 
that there is a space in it. I've created a root folder 
\x (I'm too lazy to type long paths) and I put my scripts
I use pocketnotepad to write the scripts. It stubbornly
saves all new files with the .txt extension but I fixed
that by just creating some empty files with the .py
extension on my desktop and copying them to \x
If I open one of these in notepad, edit it and save then
it keeps the .py extension and stays in \x (the editor 
won't let me save new documents outside of my documents)

That's all, if I choose open for a .py file pocketpython
starts and the script is run.
I hope this is usefull for some people.

--- "Chet R Biggerstaff" <sinack@charter.net> wrote:
>Write your script in notepad (for the ipaq....gregs ipaq page.....has one t=
>hat has all the features as its windows counterpart)and save it as a .py.th=
>en use the run command to exicure it (and yes the ipaq has a run command ..=
>.instructions follow ....
>1. Hold down the action button....
>2. While holding the action button down tap and hold at the top right corne=
>r of your ipaq screen (on the time) this brings up a run option similar to =
>a dos prompt.
>Now i have not tried this yet but the only problem i might forsee is that t=
>h .py extension is not associated with the pythonce executible. But that sh=
>ould not be hard to fix.....let me know how it goes.
>	Sinack
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>     >How can I start a script on my ipaq? Pythonce starts from the startme=
>nu so I can't pass any arguments.
>   >There is no command prompt either. It would be pretty useless if it was=
> impossible so what solution do you have for this?
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