[PythonCE] (no subject)

gollem gollem@chatway.nl
Thu, 20 Jun 2002 18:10:21 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Gunnar,

> My Casio is a Cassiopeia E-200 (StrongARM 206 MHz, 64 > MB, PPC2002)and 
checking the web I had to realize that > I am not the only onehaving trouble 
with the 
> backlight :(

That's a good thing, it's a known problem so they can't blame you.

> By the way, before I got into trouble with the 
> backlight I began to 
write an editor for PythonCE-
> scripts which runs on any device
> on which the Ewe Virtual Machine is installed. 

Sounds good, what is 
the Ewe vm? What are some of the advantages of your editor over regular 
text editors?

> Please do not hesitate to 
> inform me if you want to be notified
> once I have recompiled the editor for the Ewe VM 1.19.

I think you can safely assume that most people on the 
list would like to 

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