[PythonCE] XScale vs ARM

Brian Brown brian@ablelinktech.com
Tue, 5 Nov 2002 17:21:06 -0700

Well, I installed the python distribution on a Toshiba e740 (400Mhz 
XScale), and ran the same pystone tests that I ran on an Amigo (206Mhz 
StrongARM). Both units have 32MB of RAM and python was running 
completely from a compact flash card.

The Amigo score 217 pystone and executed in 46 seconds. The toshiba 
scored 147 pystone and executed in 71 seconds. These are averages, 
although the Amigo was fairly consistent. More so than the e740.

Next I'll install python without the CF card and see if that 
significantly influences  it. The code was:

import sys
from test import pystone

if sys.platform != 'win32' and __name__=='__main__':
     sys.stderr = file('/Storage Card/Test/stderr.txt', 'w', 0)
     sys.stdout = file('/Storage Card/Test/stoneage.txt', 'w', 0)

print "Seconds: %s, Pystones: %s" % pystone.pystones()