[PythonCE] XScale report

Vincent Legoll vlegoll@apsydev.com
Tue, 19 Nov 2002 10:48:50 +0100

> I will launch a full test suite & pystone later...

Did it, results below:

The "test_all" give me some failures, are people
interested in a complete report including output 
files ?

pystone with system configured with maximized
power saving option ~25, ouch, but you'll get what
you asked for, so...

When configured for performance, I got around 150
which is barely standard for a 400MHz XScale, I

BTW, what is the methodology to get that python
binary compiled ? I wonder what was the compiler's
target & optimization settings: -marm, -mthumb,
or something else...

Or am I completely off base and it has not been
compiled with gcc... I'm having trouble building a
cross gcc (i686-linux as host arm-wince-pe as
target) If someone has any clue...