[PythonCE] XScale report

Vincent Legoll vlegoll@apsydev.com
Wed, 27 Nov 2002 18:24:49 +0100

> All builds of PythonCE2.2+ are compiled with eVC.

Argh... BTW, is the full procedure documented
somewhere ? I'm not even a newbie wrt eVC...

> I'm not sure at all if you can build with gcc.
> Probably, you may need to modify Python
> source code, too.

But python already builds properly with gcc, under linux
for example ;-) So the changes won't need to be so large,
I hope...

> But if you can make it, that may eliminate some
> MicroSoft specific problems.

I got binutils & gcc built targetting arm-wince-pe, but
currently having problems with libc (only tried newlib...)

> I'm a little fed up with MS marketing strategy and
> thinking about buying Linux PDA.
> Then I can forget about lots of rather stupid problems.

I think I'll go with Linux on my CE device when possible
but since it's a recent one, I don't think it's ready yet...