[PythonCE] Server socket + MessageBox hangs ?

Telion telionce@yahoo.com
Fri, 29 Nov 2002 08:58:19 -0800 (PST)

--- Olivier Fambon <Olivier.Fambon@xrce.xerox.com> wrote:
> > this script worked fine on my machine. (PythonCE2.2+ on HPC2000)
> Mine is an iPaq 3660, CE3.0 (fr), PythonCE2.2+ (cab)

What is the URL of the cab distribution you are using?
Do you know who made it?

> > I connected with Teraterm telnet software, disconnected,
> > and reconnected without problem.
> I use a unix telnet, but I guess it should not cause a hang. I also
> tried with an NT telnet.

I don't think Telnet client is the issue.
I used Telnet client running on CE.

> The thing is not that I am not able to connect - at socket level- a
> second time... Actually, it _does_ connect, but it hangs - in
> accept(): there is no message [print], no message box, and from there
> on I can not connect a 3rd time.

Did you try pdb?
> > Maybe you should check if you are not trying to run
> > 2nd copy of Python while the server is still active
> > (but not visible due to the PPC interface).
> No other Python running (I reboot on every test :).

What do you mean by "reboot" ?

  "Hard reset" ?  
  "Soft reset" ?
  Something else ? 

> This even-simpler script shows the same behaviour: no message box on
> the second connection, and kills the Q-menu.
> # Blocks on accept() on second connection on iPaq 3660 CE3.0 PyCE2.2+
> # Commenting out the win32gui.MessageBox cures the hanging

How did you invoke your script?

  From Python Prompt ?
  "Start menu"/Run ? (If it exists in PPC)
  Short cut ?
  Some other methods ?

If you are running "PythonCE2.2+ for HPC2000" on your iPaq (which is PPC),
win32gui module may cause some problems.

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