[PythonCE] Python CE and GUI work

Brad Clements bkc@murkworks.com
Wed, 02 Oct 2002 18:44:25 -0400

On 2 Oct 2002 at 16:29, Brian Brown wrote:

>   I'm a long type python user, but just recently started working for a
> company that does a lot of CE development... so now I'm kinda out of my
> element :)


> do is be able to run pyui + sdl for a gui interface (really I want
> wxPython... but I don't have the c++ skills to help a lot, at least not yet
> :). That also entails PIL and pygame... has anyone tried to put any of
> these on CE? I'm gonna give it a shot, but if anyone has any horror stories
> or helpful hints, it would be greatly appreciated. Anything I'm able to get
> going I'll post if anyone is interested.

I really want to see wxPython on there so I can move PythonCard over. but, 
wxWindows for CE isn't available yet, and frankly I think that project is dead.

I don't think wxPython requires PIL or pygame. Unless you're saying you also need 
those goodies.

> Also, if anyone has any other suggestions for GUI stuff that could work
> with our platform requirements, I'd be all ears ;) Thanks for the great
> work that I get to benefit from!

Well, CE and Windows both have win32gui.. You can use the CreateDialogIndirect() 
functionality, if all you need is entry forms.


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