[PythonCE] GUI fun

Telion telionce@yahoo.com
Tue, 8 Oct 2002 13:42:20 -0700 (PDT)

--- Brian Brown <brian@ablelinktech.com> wrote:
> Greetings!
>     I've been playing with modifying ceshell.py to try out different GUI 
> elements with the intention of building a wrapper for the win32gui lib 
> as learn more about CE and the win32 gui api. I have successfully put a 
> big button on the screen in place of the Edit box.. (my win32gui skills 
> are VERY rudimentary at this point... :)) Woohoo... and I want the 
> button press to exit the program. I can't seem to get this done. My 
> OnButtonPress method is getting called and I have tried PostMessage, 
> SendMessage, PostQuitMessage to the main window and my button window, 
> but it ignores all that. Any ideas as to what I should tell to go 
> bye-bye?
> Thanks!
> Brian

Hi Brian,

Maybe you will find the answer in pcceshell.py
Search pcceshell.py with, "Term"and "destroy".

If you are interested in learning, I think
Mark's work for Win9x/NT contains many thing we can use.
(pcceshell.py is made by Mark, I think)

CVS Browsing

There are many example for win32 api, or MFC in eVT.
eVT3.0 is available from MS virtually free of charge (just S & H)
The helpfile of eVT is really useful.

Also, we can learn from many examples available on the net,
(CodeGuru, etc)

- telionce@yahoo.com -

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