[PythonCE] Installing Python 2.2R2 on IPAQ 3950/Pocket PC 2002

degs degs@giantblob.com
Thu, 10 Oct 2002 14:42:27 +0100


I'm trying to get Python (PPCPythonR2.zip) running on an IPAQ 3950. This
is a Pocket PC 2002 machine. I've followed the instructions in the
release notes at
but I get an error trying to start Python.

Although my hardware is different, the error itself looks identical to a
problem mentioned previously on this list:

I've looked through the list archive it doesn't look like this problem
was resolved at the time.

I would appriciate any suggestions as to how to get Python running on
this machine under. In particular:
	- Should I expect this configuration to work
	- Is there a more recent version of Python for Windows CE that I
should be using? (I have MS eMbedded Visual C so I guess I could build
from source if I needed to)

-- degs