[PythonCE] input(...) and more

Telion telionce@yahoo.com
Fri, 11 Oct 2002 17:33:23 -0700 (PDT)

I think the cause was this found in pcceshell.py around line:508 or so.
     SetCursor(LoadCursor(0, IDC_WAIT))

If so, solution is simple.
Just issue this in the readline() method of SimpleShell class,
and the annoying HourGlass should disappear.
    SetCursor(LoadCursor(0, 0))

You can try it by yourself with a text editor or notepad.
If you are not sure, I will upload it later.

Right now, I am updatating pdb.py pydoc.py and a few other things,
so that help() function and pdb works better.

I am thinking about automatic update script
that will rename and keep old file,and then download new files from server.

Only thing you have to do is, 
>>> import ceupdate
>>> ceupdate.check()
2 modules to update ['pdb.py', 'pydoc.py']
Total of xxxxKB

Do you want to proceed (y/n)? y

Renaming old pdb.py to pdb.py-0
Downloading new pdb.py
Renaming old pydoc.py to pydoc.py-0
Downloading new pydoc.py

Update completed.
Quit and restart PythonCE now!


Something like this.
Anyone intersted in writing it?


--- goodey27@juno.com wrote:
> 1) I previously posted about the Hourglass coming up when using the
> input(...) & raw_input(...) functions. 
> I just want too mention. That when I run a script by double clicking it ,
> I don't have this problem.
> Greetings
> Isr

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