[PythonCE] Python for Mips CE ver 2.11

Telion telionce@yahoo.com
Tue, 29 Oct 2002 18:45:17 -0800 (PST)

--- goodey27@juno.com wrote:
> My ipaq (arm processor) died on me so I was forced to go back to my old
> Win Ce 2.11 device.
> Know I'm looking to find Python for this device. I remmember seeing
> something about it on this mailing.
> any help would be greatly appriceated.
> Thanks 
> Isr

I'm planning to restart working on CE2.11 version next week
if I finish the new release for CE3.0 as planned.

So far, it looks good. I'm making progress slowly, one by one.
Now, I have a python.exe with commandline options enabled, 
and it supports both pcceshell.py and CMD.EXE console (for HPC).

If  you can't wait for another several weeks (more or less),
get Python 1.52+.
You can find it in Mark's page, which you can go from 
PythonCE Wiki page, release section.

- telionce@yahoo.com -

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