[PythonCE] How can I open a network socket from Python?

Peter Olsen pcolsen@comcast.net
Thu, 17 Apr 2003 07:14:56 -0400

Is there a way to open a network socket from a Palm PC running Wince 3.0?

I have a HP Jornada 565.  I want to use a network card in the compact flash
slot, but right now I'd settle for using the ActiveSync port or PPP over the
serial line.

I'd like to port a POP3 server to my pilot and then have Pocket Outlook
query that server.  My goal is to gain more control over processing my mail.
For example, I'd like to filter out spam, keep an archive of all my mail,
and combine all my incoming mail into one mailbox.

Eventually I'd like to port some XMLRPC software so I can integrate my PPC
into some distributed applications.

I'm reasonably experienced in Python for Windows and Linux, but I'm a
complete novice at PythonCE.

Please feel free to flame me with RTFM, but then also tell me where in TFM
to R.


Peter Olsen