[PythonCE] More modules for PythonCE

Michael mike at pcblokes.com
Tue Dec 2 18:04:07 EST 2003

Thank you. 
Your efforts are much appreciated.


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   >Subject: [PythonCE] More modules for PythonCE
   >I have compiled Python 2.3.2 for an ARM PPC with more modules.
   >I sent a copy to Guido Wesdorp asking him to post it somewhere.
   >A quick list of modifications...
   >1) fixed config.c so select module now works (the entry wasn't in there)
   >2) _csv module is now builtin
   >3) added parser module
   >4) added _symtable module
   >5) added unicodedata module
   >6) added itertools module
   >7) added _random module
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