[PythonCE] Goodbye for now... But here's the good stuff!!!

Jeffrey Nix chronowarper at netscape.net
Thu Dec 4 15:19:48 EST 2003

First the good news (and all you probably care about)
I sent a zip of compiled modules to Guido Wesdorp.
Here's the list...
1) zlib (had to make some minor hacks so I'ld call it a beta but it seems to work...)
2) win32process (unfortunetly the only way I was able to get it to work was to remove ExitProcess but otherwise it's all there)
3) threadframe (from the threadframe package by Fazal Majid, works perfectly with no hacks required)
4) boolean (from PyXML package, works perfectly and it needed no modifications)
5) sgmlop (from PyXML package, works perfectly and it needed no modifications)
6) pyexpat (from PyXML package, just managed to compile it... untested but due to the nature of the required modifications I have confidence it will work perfectly)

Now for the bad news...
Due to conflicts with some of my family it looks as though I will be unable to attend college next quarter (thats my luck at age 18 and after only one quarter I'm out). I have been compiling and submiting all of my modifications and such from here and as such will probably be unable to do so anymore after this week. If I can I will continue to monitor the mailing list but don't count on anymore extension modules coming from me. (unless you know some one willing to hire an 18 year old who has no college degree as a programmer... and we all know how likely that is...)

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